Interview with Eritrean Actress Mereb Estifanos

Posted: August 16, 2008 in Eritrean Music
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  1. henockabyssinia says:

    I am Henock From Mekell. I am health professional working in Mekelle University in the position of Lecturer. I like most of the eritrean films. They are very suspensive that they don’t let you leave them unfinished. Especially, I like Mereb Estifanos. I like her all acts. I think she is born for it. Hence if possible, would please give me her e-mail address. Please help me. I really want to say my appreciations for her.

    Hope you all success and a wide world of happiness.
    Do not forget we are brothers.


  2. henockabyssinia says:

    ኩሎኩም ኤርትራውያን ንፈትወኩም ኢና፡፡

  3. henockabyssinia says:

    I have been waiting for response for which I have commented last time. Yet there is no any response.

    May I waity again for reply?

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